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Nazism developed several theories concerning races. The Nazis claimed to scientifically measure a strict hierarchy of human race; the master race was said to be the most pure stock of the Aryan race, which was narrowly defined by the Nazis as being identical with the Nordic race, followed by other sub-races of the Aryan race. At the bottom of this hierarchy were parasitic races (of non-Aryan origin) or Untermenschen (sub-humans), which were perceived to be dangerous to society. In Nazi literature, the term 'Untermensch' was applied to the Slavs, especially including Russians, Serbs and ethnic Poles. Nazi ideology viewed Slavs as an inferior non-Aryan group, who were fit only for extermination and enslavement. About 2 million non-Jewish Poles were killed by Nazi Germany. After the Slavs, lowest of all in the Nazi racial policy were Read More »
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Synonymsedit]. neanderthal · troglodyte · Untermensch. Translationsedit]. show ▽]less ... Translationsedit]. show ▽]untermensch. Chinese: Mandarin: 低等人 ... Read More »
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