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What are some lesser known details about the holocaust? just wondering.

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There were and are today many
Who had no idea.
Just as today many in this country
Have no idea and or could care less
What America has done and is doing
To people around the world least of
All mention of some of the going's on
In your Prison System's. Blacks and
People of color is not a problem to
The average apple pie ice cream
Eating red blooded American , they
Hate you because of your way of
Life, and that's it.
You have no excuses at all for your
Policy's here and abroad.
None what so ever, just as the might
Of Germany and many other Nations
Came to a conclusion yours is due
For total destruction.
And while your here, Guess What your
Just first on the list the Great USA
Able to dictate to other Nations and
Can do nothing, to help it's self.
The Show down is at your door.

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Yeh..... Ok....... And that answered his question how?
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Of course if , you do not have any idea
Of , the Black Holocaust , that took
Place in bringing about the creation
Of the , United States, the Atlantic
Crossing,the art of making a slave.
The Willie Lynch doctrine, and so
Many black holocaust facts, You will
Not Ever be able to relate with a true
Today; the million's of People killed
In this war of Genocide, on black, and
People of color,to some people is like
A watch pot of boiling water.
You'll see soon , you will soon see ;
The 100 amazing fact's of , HOLOCAUST .
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some jews were killed whit sirup
noting to drink they ( nazis) gsve them poisoned thick sirup

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Homosexuals and gypsies were also murdered.

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Some of the lesser known details about the holocaust are that the Germans opened more than 20 concentration camps and Americans freed 33,000 inmates from concentration camps. There also were different types of camps including concentration camps, extermination camps, labor camps as well as transit camps.

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