Does HP-XL ink work well with HP Photosmart printers?

I have a 2009 HP Photosmart C4680 Print * Scan * Copy printer. Ink is very expensive (color obviously, as well as black). It takes 60 ink cartridges.

I looked online to find a cheaper alternative vs. buying at Target, etc. and found HP 60 XL ink cartridges (I usually buy regular 60 ink, not XL). The XL has twice as more ink than regular cartridges = prints more pages than the regular. I read about them and saw reviews that the XL ink didn't work on some people's printers (like mine). I don't want to order offline and not have them work (not able to return them, etc.) I am buying them offline because I have seen offers for half the price vs. stores in my city.

Have you used XL ink on your printer? I would love to know if you like it, if it worked, good websites to buy ink at, etc. Thanks in advance!!

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