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Whats wrong with my lips?

My lips arent really chapped. On my left corner is one little bump and it looks like its not much but I'm scared. My lips also taste like metal and feel a little num. I put some chapstick on and it helped a bit but not enough at all.

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The taste of metal can also be associated with bleeding gums. Blood gives a metal taste because of the iron in the blood.

Tasting metal in the mouth can be a sign of a number of different things including oral infection like gingivitis or periodontitis or a tooth infection.

The numb feeling of your lips could just be from the metallic taste in your mouth.

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its actually from some medicine i took before i went to bed apperently, i asked my doctor friend.....
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It could be some sort of blister that had formed on your lip. If you used something to try to heal the blister, like medication, then that may be the reason why your lip may feel numb and taste like metal. It could just be a reaction from the medicine.

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