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How do Street Magicians Levitate

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Appearing to levitate is an illusion and all you need to perform this is a good sense of balance. You must be 8 - 10 feet in front of the audience with your back to them. The audience must be at the same elevation level as you are or the illusion won't work. Turn to a 45 degree angle to the audience's field of view and slide the foot that is farthest from the audience in front of the other, keeping your feet and ankles close together. Distract the audience by holding your arms out away from your body at shoulder level. This will also work to provide balance for you. Slowly rise up on the toes of the foot that is forward while keeping your feet together. Your back foot will be completely off the ground with only the toes of your front foot on the ground. Stop when your back foot is 2 to 3 inches off the ground and hold the pose for a few seconds, trying not to shake or wiggle. Quickly lower both feet to the ground, acting as though it was tiring for extra effect!You can find more information here:

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