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What are some examples of prejudice?

I am writing a college paper on prejudice. I just need details in how you would write the paper. it basically has to have a paragraph as the intro, that leads into the rest of the paper which is just examples. and it has to be 4-6 page long. it can be any type of prejudice.... and the whole paper can be about one type, or all types together. I just need a little help getting started and what do you guys think would sound the best? and any other help or details you guys could give me would be great! :)

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a) Some teachers are not interested in the impact of poverty on learning. This eventually manifests itself as a form of discrimination against students who cannot buy school supplies, go on field trips, buy poster board, add to their print credits, and dress nicely for class, get new shoes, or have a fresh haircut in September.
b) Discrimination exists against people who do not go to church. The discriminatory assumption is that people cannot be good without God, therefore, if a person does not go to church, they are seen to be less good than those who do.
c) Discrimination against those students who are quiet, shy, or not very gregarious. Some students think there is something wrong with them because they are not loud. They are introverted, rather than extroverted. Hurtful comments are often made, and they are excluded from things.

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B part, I take exception to your comment. Much discrimination is against Christians in the TV media. They are often portrait as mentally weak and mocked. The "father" role is so often perceived as a weak bumbling idiot with the wife as a strong member of the family unit. Look closely and you can see many episodes of reinforcing discrimination. Comedy routines are often enhancers of discrimination.

Dumb blondes
Fat people
Old people
Jews (untrustworthy)
Black people

It will never completely go away, it is just a matter of enlightening others and identifying where it exists.
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Yes, I know this. That type of discrimination (Christians as mindless sheep who obey without question and resist learning about the world, and on and on and on) is prevelant. I wasn't talking about TV sitcoms or any aspect of the entertainment industry. I don't know where you got that from. I was talking about an entirely different context. Since I didn't want to talk about all the types of discrimination out there and many had already been noted in other answers, I chose to talk about three situations that had not been mentioned that are a bit more subliminal that the obvious black vs white, christian vs muslim, old vs young, gay vs straight. For each of my examples, I was thinking about school envirnonments since Rissababy seems to be a high school student. There was no reference to TV.
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Race - blacks to the back of the bus. Social class - poor people can't get into the country club. Ethnicity - The holocaust. Age - people over 70 shouldn't be allowed to drive. Disability - No wheelchair accessible ramps. Obesity - person has to buy two seats on an airplane. Religion - all muslims are terrorist. Sexual orientation - Homosexuals not allowed to marry.

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Well done!
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Nice :)
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Thanks a ton! Your the best!
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Wow, you covered all the big ones. Excellent! Greenery for you.
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Pride nd prejudice

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