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What are grey hairs on a young person?

I am 23 and I have a few grey hairs but I've always had those few grey strands since I've been a child what causes this?

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i have gray hair, im 22. i have a 2 inch wide streak in the front of my head. my mom went gray early, around 16, where as i started earlier (12) and developed just one thick streak (think rogue from xmen) she was salt and pepper by 22. now, i am seeing more gray coming in through out my hair. i give my black hair til 30, where i assume by that point it will be completely white. i would have to say genetics. another thing i saw that i correlated with was piebaldism. although i do not have any auto immune diseases. i should also mention that i am the second daughter out of four children, 2 girls, 2 boys, i am the only child with gray hair at this age, and am the only one that has shown any thus far. (sister is 26, brothers 16, and 12, none have any sign of early onset gray)

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Thanks my dad also had grey hairs growing up. I thought I could take people's life force with one touch, thanks for ruining it for me Jeeez lol :)
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The most probable cause of the grey hair at such an early age is due to genetics. If your parents had the same issue then it can be passed on you to as this does happen in most cases since it is hereditary. It can also be caused by illnesses or external factors like smoking which can increase the occurrence of gray hair. You can get more reference on this at

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