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Why am I getting cramps when I'm not due for period ?

I got my period a week and a half ago I am 17 and yes I did have unprotected sex before My last period, and when My period came it wasnt the same, it was just different. This period lasted a week and I usually get it only 3-4 days, and during that week it would stop bleeding and then hours later come back. And I usually get bad cramps but I didnt really get anything like that. Now a few days later after This period I have been getting cramping and pains randomly like My period is about to come or when I Am on My Period. It is in the lower abdominal area and down the front of My legs to just above the knees. that's the same pains that I do get during My period but really Im not any where near My next period due, since I only just had it.
If You have any answer it would help alot. thanks.

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Cramping after having your periods may be caused by ovulation, which occurs a few days in preparation for the next period, after one has her periods. You should however visit you doctor so that he/ she can help determine the reason and also visit for more information.

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But this hasnt happened before ever and Ive had My period for 4-5 years now.. But I guess some things could change in the body right.. ?

And thanks for the website :)
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Yes,your body cycle changes many times in your teenage/young woman years. The previous comment was right on,100%!
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Hmmmm, well getting your periods change, like you donthave it for a month because its changing its cycle or maybe its just an effect from having that unprotected sex. If you think your pregnant than i suggest buying a pregnancy test. Or go see a doctor to see if theres something really wrong.

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