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A squared + B squared = 9 squared? (read info)

I've been stuck on this for hours! mabye im doing it wrong. anywayy, this is the word problem: the diagram below shows a truck with a ramp. the ramp measures 9m in length and when the ramp is extended from the truck to the ground, it's meets the ground at a 10 degree angle. how many meters off the grounds the end of the ramp where it attached to the truck?

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For this equation, you do not need to use the Pythagorean theorem because you only have the length of one side.

Think of the trigonometric ratios and remember SOH CAH TOA

For this equation, you'll use SOH because you have the Hypotenuse (9 m) and you are looking for the Opposite length relative to the angle (10) of the ramp off the ground

sin(10) = opp/9
solve for sine (10) then multiply by 9 to get 1.56 m

Please let me know if you need more help with the equation.

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Thank you! Although we didn't really learn the SOH. But the answer is. 1.56?
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