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I am a cadet firefighter and I feel shy

I am a cadet firefighter at my local volunteer fire Company. I just joined in January 2012. my one problem is every week I go to the firehouse for drill night but every time I go to the fire house I feel shy around the guys. I feel some the problem is that sometimes they talk about stuff I don't understand. I need help because I want to stop being shy.

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As a firefighter myself I was there at one time myself, I joined as a JR FF at 13. As a veteran FF we can be rough and maybe callous towards rookies
1) you have to earn their trust and respect
2) Vet's demand respect ( in a way)from rookies
3) you have to prove to them you can handle tough situations and want to be there to help NOT the glory
There is usually a few guys who want to help the rookies and show them they way. I give rookies a hard time but love training them and helping them any way I can because I was in their shoes at one time and had a few great guys show me the ropes.
Here's some tips
1) go up there more often during the week and weekends,if you can and if someone is there to show your interest, extra training, and getting to know each other
2) When in conversation and they bring up topics you don't understand ask them and show your interest
3) try to make friends with them outside of the station- fishing/BBQ's/ bowling/ pool/ hanging at local venues and such
4) participate in the trainings as much as possible and not stand behind the others waiting to be called on
5) remember that FF are family and there is a deep bond between us, we put our lives in each others hands as soon as the tones drop.
6) keep a mature and respectful tone to your new family, that will help you out a lot
They more you show interest in FF and being apart of the family the more receptive they will be. it takes time and can be overwhelming at first, afterwards these guys/gals will be your best friends at the firehouse and in general. As a FF no matter where you go you will be considered family by other FF all throughout the country. I've traveled a lot and met awesome FF from all over who invite in their station and at times chat for hours over dinner and desert to casual visits. You my friend are a new brother to me as well. The fire service is amazing and you will do great things within the service. Welcome to our brotherhood and I wish you many great years in this service! Good luck and best of wishes brother!

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Thanks for being a good role model... It takes a good mentor to nourish good quality leaders for tomorrow
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Thank you, I had GREAT role models who showed me the way. So I feel I must pass the torch, I won't be around forever and feel that the generations after me need someone who can help them,
1) I feel it's my duty since others did it for me
2) they are the ones I HAVE to trust with my and my crews life
3) if they show any desire they need someone who will help them because so many of us Vet's don't want or care to pass on our traditions and knowledge the right way or take time
4) some Vet's see to many come and go that they don't want to " waste" time showing another glory hog around just so they leave when they see its not as glorious as they thought.
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Just give it time, you'll figure it out. If they are talking about fire fighting, ask. If they are talking about other topics, just listen in until you figure it out. Some firefighters can be a little rough on the newbies.

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Its normal to feel shy in new situations This stuff you don't understand, I see a couple of possibilities. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right words to get you started.
If it's fire related how about "can you explain that?", and "I'd like to know how that works", it gets the conversation going and all you need to do then is listen, guys like to talk shop.
If they're talking guy stuff, go home and look it up online. And really, it's also ok to say nothing, because the longer you go to the training the more comfortable you'll be, with the guys and yourself.
If this is something you really want to do just stick it out, you'll catch on. I think it's great your doing this, living your life instead of wishing you had one. You go, girl!

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OMG, you're a guy. For reasons unknown I read your name wrong, please accept my sincere apology. Except for the last line of my answer, it's gender-neutral, hope you find it helpful.
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ROFL- so I thought the name suggested male but didn't pay too close attention, then I read your answer and thought "oh hell, I called "her" a him." so I clicked their profile and stared at the name for a few seconds to make sure I was right. I dodged that bullet... Lol
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