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I am fairly new to eBay--I'm still learning! I have a couple questions about listing fees. Experienced eBay sellers, PLEASE read details!

I've listed about 50 items so far, and I've chosen 3 day auctions for all items up to this point. I've always gotten a pop-up telling me my listing is free. As of yesterday, my listings are no longer free. I don't know what changed; I have not done ANYTHING different. In fact, last week I listed an item and the listing fee was free. Last night, I listed the same exact item, same price and all, (I didn't choose to re-list the item--I have two of the same thing, they were each their own listing,) and now instead of being free, the pop-up said my listing fee was $0.30. With that said, my questions are as follows: #1 - Is there a guideline that I can use to predict what my listing fees will be for each individual item? I'm baffled as to why I've been told all my listing fees are $0 and suddenly, as of yesterday, my auctions are no longer free! #2 - Is the listing fee taken from the seller immediately upon listing the item or is the fee taken at the end of the auction? #3 - If the auction ends and the item has not sold, is a listing fee still taken? And lastly, #4 - How are the listing fees paid? Are they automatically taken from me or do I have to manually make payment for them as I would manually make a payment for an item I've bought? Are they taken from my PayPal account? I'm wondering all of this because (A) I have my debit card linked to PayPal, but until payday that card only has a balance of $0.36, and I can't afford to get over-draft charges. I have a savings account linked to PayPal, but that is there to directly deposit funds from my sales into my account. Because it's a savings account and not a checking, purchases cannot be made with that account--The only way to withdraw money is for me to personally go into the bank and speak to a teller face-to-face to make a transaction. Lastly, I have approximately a $17 balance on PayPal BUT those funds are pending until May 9th. So yeah, if they want to take the fees from me immediately upon listing my item, I'm kinda screwed. ANYWAYS--I know this is long, and I'm sorry to type you a novel, but I wanted to give as much detail as I could in order to receive the most accurate reply. Any and all help/advice you can give me would be majorly appreciated!!

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For you to determine the reason behind your listings being charged, you are required to contact the eBay administration system. Its associates will take you through their policy terms and inform you on the charge set for each listing specifically.

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