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can you die from crohn's disease someone told yes you can. people who have it die young is that true?

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Because the majority of people who get the disease are young (under 30), the incidence of early death is unusually high.
While treatment of Crohn's disease has improved in recent decades, death from Crohn's disease is still possible. The National Institutes of Health state that there were "fewer than 1,000 deaths" from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which includes both Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis) in 1987. In the latest epidemiology study from Olmsted county, Minnesota, it was reported that the cause of death of 35% of Crohn's disease patients were related to Crohn's disease. That study says :
"Forty-three [Crohn's disease] patients died. The deaths of seven patients were attributed directly to Crohn's disease (perforation in 3, "toxemia"/sepsis in 2, and malnutrition/short-bowel syndrome in 2). Gastrointestinal cancer was responsible for 7 deaths (4 colorectal carcinomas, 1 small bowel lymphoma, 1 ileal leiomyosarcoma, and 1 abdominal carcinomatosis of unknown primary). Additionally, one patient died of bile duct cancer. Thus 15 deaths (35%) may have been related to Crohn's disease."

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i was diagnosed with crohn's disease at age 17 I'm 19 know
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I have 3 different medical. 4 something. 2 something. 1 some. so = 7 pills everyday
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I understand. I have been throw up blood because new medical also I have throw up coffee ground black blood know I'm throw up blood from my mouth and noise too. also I can hold my food down no more I just throw up that suckass man. I'm got it age 17 now I'm 19 year old. can anyone. help me with my question
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This is best done by a physician. I do not dispense medical treatment.
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