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How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?(Please, read details.)

I don't know how to start but my girlfriend texted me from a different number and I didn't wanna talk to that girl because she wanted pictures. I made my friend text her as if it was me and just go along with it. Then later my friend gives me my phone after he says "I was kidding about sending you pictures. I wasn't going to anyway. Don't send me pictures."
Then I get a text back saying "That's it . It's over. F*** you!". I didn't know who the girl was because I didn't even get her name and my friend deleted the past messages. Then I get a text saying "Katheryn(the fake name my girlfriend used) told me everything. So you understand it better, it's me... your EX-girlfriend."
I tried talking to her. I even took my friend with me to talk to her but she didn't wanna hear me out. This is the first time I cry for a girl and I believe I'm in love with her.
She doesn't understand that I should be the mad one because she did this which makes me know that she didn't trust me.

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I believe your ex-girlfriend was only looking for a reason to break your relationship, since he had already fallen for someone else. By the fact you have tried talking to her with your friend, who was a witness to the situation and she has a set mind and won't change speaks volumes. Cry you must, but do not let it bring you down a lot as you can fall in love again, if you were not meant to be together.

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i dont think you have anything to worry about (and i was right) because u love her, she loves you, and youll get back together, so dont cry(: u need a hug? lol

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I got a kiss and a hug from her when she went to my house to apologize.
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lost cause man.... forget her

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I forgave her and we got back together
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