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Why don't I have the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone on the Moon map for Call of Duty Zombies?

I did the Call of the Dead Easter Egg with my buddy on split screen, then we went online to do the Shangri La Easter Egg. When we got to Shangri La I was Richtofen and I had the Golden Rod. We completed the Easter Egg but I was not the one who grabbed the Focusing Stone. Now when I get onto the Moon map and play as Richtofen I don't have the Golden Rod, the Focusing Stone, or the mix of the two. I was playing alone when I tried the Moon so maybe that's why it didn't work but I'm wondering if its not working because I didn't grab the stone on Shangri La. I did get the achievements for both Easter Eggs but the objects do not appear in my inventory on the Moon If anyone has any idea why, please let me know. Thanks

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The thing is, you must do the CotD Easter Egg Online for the Golden Rod appearing in your inventory of Moon. Also, no Focusing Stone neither Golden Rod will appear while playing Offline in Moon (split screen or solo). These items will only appear while playing Online.
In less words, you must do CotD EE Online and Shangri-la EE Online, and then play Moon Online, then those two items will appear.
One more thing, the Golden Rod fused with the Focusing Stone is the Golden Rod with a tiny red ball on it.
Hope I Helped u :)
Sorry if I don't speak English very well,I'm from Spain and here in Spain both Schools and High Schools have low-level English...

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The reason why you don't have the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone on the Moon Map for Call of Duty, Zombies is due to not having all the achievements. Therefore, you need to get the right achievements as the right player playing Richtofen and complete all the 8 steps given.

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Well I have the achievement for call of the dead and for shangri la and when I play shangri la the golden rod is in my inventory. do I need to do the easter egg again and grab the stone as Richtofen?
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