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Why do dogs roll in the grass

My Golden Retriever ALWAYS rolls around in the grass after I pet him. Is he trying to spread the smell of me to more parts of his body, or is it that he's trying to get my smell off of him? He also makes whiny-growly noises while doing his rolling or back scratching. He spins, kicks, and makes quite a scene while he's on the ground. Then he finally gets up, does a little snort & shakes himself off. Then follows me & wants to be petted more.
He also steals any of my socks or gloves that have been left at his level & typically tries to go bury them. He's an outdoor dog & rarely leaves my side when I'm out there.

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There are various reasons that would make a dog to roll on the grass severally, for instance, for the pure joy of it. Maybe he has an itch that cannot be scratched in any other way. Another reason is to mark his territory or there maybe something that he thinks smells terrific. He can also grunt and make some noise due to the pleasure they take in doing this.

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