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What kind of daily use articles can be chemically hazardous.explain?

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Household cleaners, degreasers, garden pesticides, paints, batteries, stain removers, detergents, even flea powders can be hazardous to our health and indeed the environment. Laundry detergents usually contain high levels of phosphates, which are harmful if ingested and even more harmful when they get into water bodies. Read on from

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older kids toys, even newer ones; read the labels carefully, baby blankets even etc. Anything imported and not tested by local initiatives like csa in canada be wary of. Even varnishes on kids furniture one should be mindful of incase of a gnawing child. : ) One never knows. plastic of course has been an issue with chemical leaching into drinks; linked to female hormone development if i remember correctly. deoderants, perfumes, ladies facial chemical accessories ie: "make-up" some or most of which aren't even tested on humans. anti-perspirants with aluminum have links to alzeimers if I remember correctly : )
New technology items or old like thermostats and the new fluorescent incandescent replacements ; both have mercury in them, along with dolphin meat; watch for that on your can's of tuna bought as they will say dolphin free. trust nothing though; research everything, chemically harmful , physically harmful, toxic, poisonous ; probably just about everything that you use if you break it down to its smallest components or burn it. Just look at fire fighters health stats.

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