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Any good and short poems for recitation competition?

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Here is a website for you that actually suggests short poems for memorization!

Also, a few of my own favorites...these will really hold the attention of your audience:

TREES, by Joyce Kilmer (a soldier killed too young in WWI)

THE SPIDER AND THE FLY (Will you come into my parlor? said the spider to the this one)

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT (for children, but timeless for all ages)

JABBERWOCKY by Lewis Carroll (this is SO great, if you like humor and drama!)

INVICTUS by William Ernest Henley (1849?1903) - such great power

IN FLANDERS FIELDS, by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae...also died in World War I, and his poem is one of the most notable from that war.

THE THREE WITCHES from Shakespeare's MacBeth Act 4,
Scene i...
So famous -
"Double, double toile and trouble;
Fire burn and Cauldron bubble."

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I liked Jabberwocky so much that I memorised every silly syllable. It drives Daizy mad when I get the urge to recite it. And when I meet somebody else who likes it and we start throwing pieces back and forth at each other, she runs for cover.
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And the legend of the manxome foe continues into the digital age...O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
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Here's one of mine that you can use. We had a sign in the front garden that read, "One nice person and one old grouch live here". (Here's a photograph of it

When Daizy and I saw it at a tourist shop I said to the saleswoman, "If you can tell me which one of us is the grouch, I'll buy it." She didn't bat an eyelid but said, "I'm sure it must be a gift for a friend, sir." What a smoothie!

The Grouch

The gentle knock upon the door, so faint I scarcely heard it,
Gave notice of a timid soul now quaking in a crouch;
She wanted help but, nervous now, she knew not how to word it
Instead she stammered, "Sir, are you the nice one or the grouch?"

I peered beneath my lowered brows and wondered at her daring?
"Do I look nice to you?" I asked, and viewed her with disdain.
"N-no!" she said, with shaking voice, "You don't seem very caring;
You're old, and bald, and much too fat, and your beard has coffee stains."

"I guess that proves it then," I said. "What brings you to my doorway?
What can you want that makes you stand there, shivering with fright?"
"Please, sir," she said "I've lost my dog. He ran off down the roadway,
It's getting dark, and I'm afraid he won't get home tonight."

I thought about my childhood when my own dog once went missing
And said, "Of course I'll help you. Come, we'll go out in the car."
She sat beside me, fidgeting, with fear her breath came hissing,
As we combed the streets and footpaths where the trees and bushes are.

Then suddenly her eyes grew bright, her voice no longer fearful,
She cried. "He's there! I see him! Just beside that big brick wall.
Oh thank you so for finding him," she sounded much more cheerful,
"I really think that you must be the nice one after all."

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Oh Dozy, this is wonderful!
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I was a bit dirty about the sign. Somebody stole it. All I have left is the photograph. And the verse.
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That may have been too long, so here are a couple of brevities from the most prolific of all poets, Anonymous.

"I miss my husband so!"
The woman cried;
And so just one more shot
At him she tried.

'Twas in a restaurant they met,
Romeo and Juliet;
He had no cash to pay the debt
So Romeo'd while Juliet.
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hii Aishu...

You can get good poems from here.Besides,you can have awesome quotes!


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