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How do you cope with sudden ED that makes you really sad as a Male, and the fact you have to go out and see women?

ED is not just about sex...Basically your system is messed up, you may even have nerve damage that makes your urinary system wacko.

So man can be depressed and really anxious and depresed. especially f you've never had it and suddenly you got it.

And yet you have to continue living and yet yuo do't have the same sensations and stuff that you have before, like when you see women..all the sexual attraction is gone.. you don't feel nothing. And you might even feel pains do to injuries.

How do yuo cope with fact, you will probably never have a GF or wife ever?

Is there a way to still have a relationship with a woman EVEn with no sexual
desire....but yet you have the desire but only in the mind and yet you remember how it used to feel when you were it makes you feel bad cause you will never feel that way again

male in my 30s

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I suggest you get your testosterone level checked. I guarantee it's low. Also, high blood pressure will cause this problem -but it's the testosterone level that describes EXACTLY EVERY SINGLE THING you mentioned. And it is a very very disturbing problem to a man no matter what the age. There is a testosterone underarm roll on that looks like a deodorant and it raises the levels perfectly. It's called AXIRON and is by prescription from your doctor. Then daily Cialis is very low dose and works great. Also, never drink alcohol of any kind. And there are women out there that are very understanding and know what love really is. This happened to my brother for years and he got it all worked out. Also, never order something over the Internet you think will help. See your doctor. He made that mistake first. But his wife really loved him and it wasn't a deal breaker. They are still together after 20 years. There are good women out there.

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What a great answer! I just learned four new things! I know lots of women who would prefer not to have sex ever again, and you addressed that whole topic with sophistication.
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Thank you Rath. Sin here. I haven't been able to be on here much. We got my sister's funeral finished (she had a stroke last week) and it was really pretty and I think we're going to have to out my dad in the VA from his car wreck.
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There are woman who dont like havin sex at all...they would be probably happy if they didnt need to have it^^ also everybody has mistakes so just take it as one of your own mistakes. .. I believe you can have a girl/wife and I suggest you making many female friends. It will be easier for you then.

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