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Is it possible to fine-tune Phonak Audeo S III hearing aid at home? What do I need to do this?

Hi! I'm using Phonak hearing aids on both ears. The devices are from this series: (Audei Smart III I believe). It's not very convenient to go to a place that sell them every time I want to make some waves louder or more quiet (usually I have to wait for couple of weeks to get there at their working time). Can I do that at home? I understand that its possible to buy a device that can pair my hearing aids with anything that has bluetooth (and stream audio from the cellphone, tablet, player, TV, etc. directly into hearing aids) The software that service people used to configure the aids seems very user friendly.
I've tried to search information on Phonak site. It seems that there is no problem in tuning the devices at home, but I still don't understand what exactly do I need for that.
I'd be happy if someone help me with my question.
Thank you!

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In my opinion, the best thing to do is to wait and consult with an expert on how the software will work. You can also be shown what to do to change the waves so that you are comfortable. Configuring the aid can be tricky if you do not have the knowhow and you might even damage your hearing aid.

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Thank you for your answer!
I have my hearing test, which is a graph showing how much decibel I need to add to a wave in order to hear it in a normal way. Tuning the hearing aid is done according to this graph. The software seems pretty simple. And I'm doing things that can permanently damage various devices (according to a manufacturer) on daily basis (rewriting firmwares, for example). In case of hearing aids at least we are talking about feature, mentioned by manufacturer :)
I simply believe that professionals (at least those, whom I bought mine hearing aids from) won't tell me how I can tune them at home, so I'll continue coming to them, paying money for each visit. They will tell me that it's "impossible", "very complicated" and "can damage the device".
In case of other device, I'd just ask people on some geek forum. In this case I don't know the right place to ask ^_^
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