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So this year, the lake has risen at least 5 feet. Im guessing its because the weather is so humid and its been raining a lot from rapid water evaporation caused by global warming. Today i went down to our dock and found at least 7 dead fish (small fish). I saw a crappie swimming on its side and a really huge fish dart under our dock. So either that huge fish is killing all of the small ones (there are no bite marks on the fish) or the water is polluted from sewer leakage (excuse my spelling) or something along those lines. Any ideas on what might be happening?

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It could be:
1. Pollution
2. Thermal changes in the environment that go beyond the limits for any given species of fish
3. Some punk kid threw a large firecracker in the water
4. Wild 2012 theories are becoming a reality

I doubt a larger fish is killing them because of stated lack of execution marks..

It could be something freak also.. like some novice fisherman caught them.. let them die in a holding bucket.. then released them back into the lake.

How big is the lake? You could always have the water tested for pollution.

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Its 300 acres i think.
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Call someone immediately to test the water before more wildlife dies.

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I think ill see if other people are experiencing the same occurrence and if they are, ill call somebody. Its a perty big lake though.
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There are a number of possibilities that could be causing this problem although it could probably be water pollution due to toxic pollutants such as industrial waste, pesticide and fertilizer runoff from farms leading to contaminated fish and thus death. The higher up the food chain can have very dangerous levels of pollutants in them causing bio-accumulation. Excess gasoline from the engines of boats can also pollute the lakes and end up killing the fish.

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