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When do you sue a dentist?

I went to get a tooth pulled as I don't have dental or money and can't get my teeth fixed, it turned out I needed 4 out and he pulled them within 16 days . I think he broke my jaw in 3 places getting them out. I now have incredible pain and can hardly eat, I think my jaw is broken in 2 places I asked my dentist about what I thought was a broken tooth he left in, he said it was bone. He didn't tell me that when it happened. I don't want to sue but I don't want any one else to hurt like this. Not sure what to do or how to do it. Any ideas?

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Tough question. You need to get an x-ray to show if there are any breaks.
1. Can you go to an emergency department on a charitable basis so you do not have to pay?
2. Are there any free clinics in your area?
3. Sometimes dentistry schools need people to work on.
4. Many states or cities have law societies. Sometimes you can talk to a lawyer for free about your situation. Ask for a lawyer who specializes in dental or medical claims. When you talk to the lawyer, ask about the lawyer taking a percentage of a winning case as payment so you do not have to pay up front and you pay nothing if it loses. If the case stands a good chance of winning, a lawyer will do that. and how you can get treatment.
5. Call your local congressman?s, senator?s or city representative?s office. Frequently they know of resources available where you live.
6. Is there a United Way in your city or town? Ask them for help, they are very familiar with resources in their locations.
Hope this helps!

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Went to get x-rays haven't gotten results yet I will look 4 help in my area thank you
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Agree w 1st answer. Find a free group of some kind to help back you. Any good dentist won't want any trouble brewing.

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The dental malpractice varies from different states so it all depends on the grounds which you can sue in the state you are in. You will need evidence so you have to get a new dentist to have the problem fixed and have the records to show the damage caused by the first dentist. You can then go to law firm that deals with medical malpractice cases. This is according to information from; You should make sure the pain you are experiencing is from the dentist work on you to have good grounds of doing so.

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thank you 4 your help
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1) Jaw pain is common after teeth are pulled. In the jaw bone, the teeth are located in holes (sockets). The area that you thought was a broken tooth was probably the edge of the bone that makes up the socket. When you lost your baby teeth, the sockets were smooth because the baby teeth have very shallow roots, and come out naturally. Often, the sockets around permanent teeth that are pulled because of dental disease (bad teeth) are not smooth, but can be rough or jagged. Permanent teeth have deep roots so that they do not fall out like the baby teeth, and even though the top of the tooth might look as if it is nearly destroyed, the deep roots are still holding the tooth firmly in the socket of the jaw bone. That is why, unless you also have a bone disease that causes a weak jawbone, you cannot wiggle the tooth out.
2) In addition, as teeth (and people) age, a part of the tooth may become stuck to the bone. This can be a fusion between the tooth and bone (ankylosis), so that the tooth must be broken off the jaw bone to get it out. 3) The pain is natural; pain can be severe, and pain is likely to last months.
4) However, you were spared a dental abscess related to an infection around a bad tooth. Sometimes, an abscess around a tooth eats through part of the skull bone, and spreads into the brain as a brain abscess. Many people die or suffer brain damage from brain abscesses.
5) You had no money to pay the dentist, and the dentist pulled your bad teeth. Now you think the dentist owes you pain (emotional & financial).
6) Maybe, you owe the dentist gratitude.

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he got paid and not 4 breaking my jaw I don't know if he owes me anything if u had read what I wrote u would see that! I didn't say I want money. You can sue for other things. He is not doing this (helping people ) from the heart but from the pocket book. it cost considerably less to pull a bad tooth than fix it. That is why you can tell a poor person from not soo easily
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If u wanna sue a dentist it's probably when they do things to your teeth u don't really need they just want the extra money.

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