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How many Gouramis and Rainbow fish can I have in a 75 gallon aquarium with 10-20 smaller fish (tetras and danios)?

I have a 75 gallon tank that I am cycling. I am upgrading from my 20 gallon. I already have a common pleco, 2 danios and 3 tetras. For smaller fish it's easy and safe to use the 1 gallon per inch of fish, but obviously it's different for larger fish (please don't tell me to disregard the rules, I don't want to overcrowd my poor fish just to get a certain look). I've never had fish bigger than Tetras and would like to give it a try. I was looking into adding gouramis, rainbowfish, and some more danios and tetras . I was hoping to get recommendations on how many gouramis (dwarf and up to 8'') and rainbowfish I can have with maybe say 10-20 small fish(tetras and danios). I also read that swordtails, rasboras and barbs are good with tetras and gouramis, so I hope to get some input on these fish too. Thank you

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You can have 3 gouramis and 5 rainbow fish with 10 tetras and danios. However, the general rule is to have one inch of full-grown inch per 5 gallons of water. This is also to put into consideration the sand. Rocks and live grass.

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Thanks :) and this isn't overcrowding? I just want to make sure because I've never had fish bigger than a tetra before, nor such a large tank
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