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What does it mean if a guy is avoiding to answer a question you asked him?

Well he's older than me, he was the one to start up the conversation, he only asked me and not my friends for my age, he only had a sense of humor with me and not my friends, he talked to me longer than he did with my friends and when I questioned him about this he claimed that he doesn't try to keep the conversation going unless the person he's talking to keeps it going, he commented on two pics one comment on the first pic of a girl said I want this and the second pic of a girl said he needed this, he liked my Facebook photos of HIM not me and he shared a photo of HIM that i uploaded and even set it as his profile picture, then when he told me why he talked to me longer i said, "Oh," and got mad and upset at him and after a few hours I apologized and started using the ;) and the :) to sort of flirt and I asked him how long he liked this certain baseball team and he aaid his whole life and he commented on my thing on my other Facebook account, then I asked him why he liked the photos I uploaded of him and he said cause they're nice, then I asked why he'd comment on my thing on my other account and he said he doesn't remember, which makes sense, then I lastly asked him why he mentioned to me that he had a sexy photo of this girl and he didn't answer it.

What does this mean?

Was he flirting?

Was he trying to get me jealous?

Did he realize I liked him when I said oh and got mad and upset at him?

Does he know I was trying to flirt by using tge :) and the ;) faces?

Does he like me?

What did he mean when he said that he thought the photos i uploaded of him were nice and that he liked themm?

Why is he avoiding to answer the question?


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No its very common or they answer like little trolls

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What I'm so confused?
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They Provably arent on
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