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What are some good sandwich recipes?

I love sandwiches, but every time I look up a recipe it always has a special ingredient that makes it special. I usually don't eat that ingredient. If anyone knows a good recipe that doesn't include that following please let me know! :)
Lettuce, tomato, mustard, spinach, onion, tuna, and ranch dressing.
(And I'm looking for unique sandwiches, not something plain like "a ham sandwich" Lol!)

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A baquette, spread with butter and garlic toasted under the broiler, several different kinds of lunch meat (I prefer ham, turkey, roast beef, and capicola), two different types of cheese (me: provolone and american), stick it back under the broiler til cheese is melted, then use any condiments or toppings you like (onions,tomatos, mayo, mustard, hot peppers, etc,).

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If I mow your lawn will you make me lunch?? LOL Sounds great!
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If I had a lawn I'd say yes most definately. It is good and the bearty of this sandwich is by changing the meat, cheese, and toppings you have a different tasting sandwich.
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2 slices of bread(your choice)
1 slice of munster
2 oz. of hot sauce
1 lb of turkey
4 scoops of mac N cheese
2 pinches of salt
1 pinch of garlic or onion powder
8 ghost chili peppers(prepare to go to the hospitla for the world's hottest pepper in the world. known to make your blood stop flowing and your throat swell!)


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Spicey for sure
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Hummus, broccoli or alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and avocado

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Also good it bruschetta olive and grilled cheese on two soft flour tortilla shells.
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