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Why would my ex girlfriend call and wish me a Happy Birthday?

She left me a long message on my voicemail. This is it. "Hi, it's me.
I know that it's not technically your birthday anymore but Happy Birthday and I do wanna letchu know that I did not forget that it was your birthday. I knew all day. I was actually up last night at midnight and that I knew it was your birthday and debated on texting you last night but I guess that I didn't think that it's right that I was to call or text you when I was the one that told you to leave me alone...." The next day, I text her to thank her, but she starts to ask how I am, if I'm ok, blah, blah, blah. So, I asked her if I could call her and she says "Not now, and that she's busy." So, I tell her to call me when she gets a chance. Later that night, she texts me telling me that she doesn't think we should talk, and that she doesn't think that it's a good idea. So, I tell her that I understand and respect her decision. What do y'all think I should do? I'd like to get her back in my life again.

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This happens, she probably misses you. It would be very mature of you to say thank you and discontinue any further communication from there on, especially if it disturbs you. Sometimes after the breakup people remain friends and it is good to wish your friend a happy birthday. For further advice, check out

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Listen ...she's the one who initiated the call and is now telling you she doesn't want to be simply send her a message telling her if she doesnt want me to contact her...please keep her wishes by not contacting me cause i dont have time for games....either she wants to talk or she doesn't but dont kindle a dead fire so that youll end up being hurt again. she's seems indecisive and wants to satisfy her own self ego....or make you feel guilty cause obiviously she feels guilty that she told you not to contact her again..(just dont tell her the same thing) just tell her to honor her wishes...unless she wants to make things work...and is honestly sorry for what she did and is willing to change. As a matter of fact it would have been better if you never responded to her text at all....n rather let her meet u in person and tell you what she needs...she probably just wants to know if she still got u locked down.

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