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how long after parvo is a dog contagious?

two of my puppies have died at 16 weeks due to parvo. The mother and one of the pups shows no symptoms, one pup seems to be getting over it, the other pup is getting lethargic. They have been vaccinated. How long after the one pup gets over it will he be contagious to the other dogs? I don't want to go through another death. We have spent over $300 at the vet trying to help them. PLEASE NO JOKERS!!!! THIS IS FOR SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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Parvovirus is highly contagious, and the disease is more severe in young dogs, old dogs, Rottweillers, and Dobermans. The smaller and younger the dog, the greater the chance that it will not recover. Dogs with pervo shed the virus in their feces, and are extremely contagious to other dogs. Try following the given instructions to help prevent the spread of this disease:
1. Keep your infected dog isolated from all other puppies for at least a month after full recovery.
2. Clean up all the dog's feces in the yard.
3. Try to disinfect the food and water bowls including the kennels, bedding, crates, etc. You can use chlorine bleach with water.
4. Avoid contact with stray dogs or dogs that you are not sure of.
5. Dogs remain susceptible to parvovirus until 2-4 weeks after the last injection of the immunization series.
Please click on the given link for more information:

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Thank you so much for the answer ginsy!! The website was very helpful, too. Just to give you an update, the pups are Beagle and Tri was up and playing, drinking and eating this morning!!!! Praise God!!!
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