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My best friends are in a love triangle together i like them both but they STRONGLY dislike each other what should i do?

(well one just really hates the other the other one just thinks she is annoying) so one girl (girl A) likes a guy the guy likes my other best friend (girl b) girl A figured it out and is putting the blame on girl B who wants nothing to do with the guy and yet he still hangs around her but she says to go with A so he does and so on and so forth but its really awkward because A wont allow anyone near her except me and the guy ( tell you the truth B actually really liked the guy too) i say no boy should get between besties but A is sorta desperate for a bf

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Ok to stort off this is how the relation ship starts. Guy
Girl B. Girl A
So up there is the love triangle. The Girl B wants to be with guy but guy wants to be with girl A and girl A wants to get away from guy and be freinds with girl B so theres 2 ways to do this 1 u find a guy for girl A so girl b wont think shes intrested.or u can call me and i will fly or drive down there and pretend to be your girlfriend or girl A girlfriend or girl B girlfriend.

Text number:226-270-5856
Call number:0101578659
P.s. im despreat for a girlfriend so please please text me

P.s. im a girl

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Are you ok....?
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depends on where u are ... how old r u?
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Stay out of it. You might end up with no friends.

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i have more friends its just that the others dont really care and these two are just intresting and who i have been with the longest
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