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help with my Homecoming situation?

so this guy i have really liked since last year asked me to homecoming yesteday. i said yes and today is the next day and i know its the beginning of the year of school buy we havnt talked since last year in 7th grade. i want to know if he likes me too but everyone says so although when they ask him he says nooo in a low voice. does that mean he does like me? im confused an we still havnt talked and homecomin is in 16 days. my frend alwayd catches him looking at me. so doyoi think hell talk to me? should i make him a guarder? and does he like me too?!? thank you in advance. im stressing!!

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I'm confused. If you haven't talked to him since the last day of 7th grade, how did he ask you to homecoming yesterday? If he asked you to the dance, he likes you. If he's not talking to you, he's not going to be able to accomplish much if he's taking you. The low "noooo" means "yes, but I'm too scared to admit it to others"...he better get his act together if he's going to take you, it's not up to you to walk him through it. Hope that helps, but I may be off since I can't figure out how he asked you to the dance yesterday if he hasn't talked to you since June?

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Sorry i left one part out... His friend helped me like he told him we would look cute together and stuff so then he came over to me and asked me but we like havnt even talked since then... Whats up??
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Don't do anything then. If his friend is doing his legwork, he is getting off easy. If someone else asks you, go with them if you want to. He likes you, but he needs to put some effort into showing you that. DO NOT WALK HIM THROUGH THIS! Don't be mean and ignore him either, he is all over the place with his feelings. It was easier in grade school, if a boy pushed you over, that meant he liked you. Now, it's not so simple, but if you respect yourself and him, you will be fine no matter what happens. If his friend is still being his messanger, tell him he's fired and some face to face contact is the only way you will talk and possibly still go to the dance. No more middle man!!!
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I get what you mean but at least he had the guts to come ip to me and ask me. Lol i guess he is just too shy to come up to me and talk to me but i need to know if i should
Make him a guarder! What do i do? Lol
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I don't know what a guarder is, sorry. As for what to do, I can't think of anything more to advise other than the above. Good luck!
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