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Would I be miserable teaching English in China? I'm American and the idea of teaching & living in the Guangdong province sounds amazing.

I'm asking because I keep hearing (only from non-Chinese or Chinese Americans) that Chinese people are lame, don't drink, like to party much, don't sing karaoke, eat gross food and that Westerners who enjoy China must be insanely dorky. Please info!!! This is a year of my life!!! Thank you.

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The Chinese often drink heavily, and the young ones do party in the cities. However, you probably won't get paid much to teach English.

Notwithstanding claims that the Chinese food in America is unique to the U.S., you can find very similar food in China. You can also find western food once you get sick of the local fare.

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Seems like an amazing opportunity- a year with experiences that will follow you and impact the rest of your life! I'm betting at the end of the year you will find yourself amazed at how fast the year went, when now with that time frame looming ahead of you, it seems like a daunting length of time!

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If you are asking if you will be lonely and homesick, I'm sure that will happen too especially at first before you meet new friends, but if you approach it as the grand adventure it will be, you'll be fine. And there's always ways to communicate, like Skype that will help a lot. You might want to find people who sis a student exchange program and see what they did to help with this. If you have a sense of adventure this whole project could be so wonderful! I've known people who went for a year and ended up staying for many years.
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