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Why do straight woman go gay?

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Not so much a matter of "Going", as a tendency for women to be less pre-decided about mate selection.
From what I have read (and seen) males are more likely to think of themselves as Straight o Gay, not in between (even if they are!). Females less so, so you are more likely to encounter/hear of one going from one team to the other.

And besides, women are So much prettier than men, can you blame them?

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Woman ar? way prettier, soft, delicate, caring and all The above! I was just wondering if someone has experienced this in a later age. Im 25 and i now come to realize how much i really like woman! And having issues with man, maked me just open up. So am i straight, bi or gay??? Hhhmm
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My point was that the notional categories of "gay" and "straight" are made up primarily for Men, who tend to feel the need to classify themselves (and secondarily, the rest of the world) as one or the other. Women, not so much.

If you wanted a case in point, a female friend of a friend of a friend started a relationship with a woman, and was said by those who knew her well to be"gay Right Now, because she is in love with a woman."
So, to answer you last question, you are bi . . . as are most humans, they just refuse to acknowledge it.
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makes it very obvious why us straight serious guys can't meet a good woman anymore, doesn't it?

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