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Where was lettuce grown?

Need to know the answer now, this assignment is due tomorrow! HELP!!!

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Lettuce was first grown in the ancient Egypt and Greece in early 2680 BC. They saw the leaves were edible and was used in many festive events since they also considered it a sacred plant. Get detailed information on

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Thanks! That is helpful!!! You must know ALOT about lettuce. Or did you get that from the internet??? :O

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I grow it in a container on my back porch.

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But I'm not in your backyard dude this assignment is due tomorrow I need a REAL answer!!!
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Then google it yourself! I did my homework, you can do yours. You had all weekend so don't get snotty with me because you put it off.
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I am doing my homework that's why I asked the question in the first place!!!
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No you are asking someone else to do the work. If it were really doing it you would google the answer yourself or read whatever book you were suppose. Half of what you are suppose to be learning is how to do research.
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I did google the answer lots of times but I never found the right answer!!! How about you go on the internet and search it up, until you do, I don't want you to talk anymore!!!
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Zone 6 is where the majority of lettuce is grown. The United States Department of Agriculture is credited with determining the areas. In the U.S., a number of large cities fall within the Zone 6 area, including Portland, Oregon; Chicago; Denver; and Detroit. Different varieties of lettuce are grown in different areas, though. China is the largest producer of lettuce, followed by the U.S., Spain and Italy. Lettuce is also grown in Japan, France and Mexico.

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Lettuce is grown commercially worldwide.


The lettuce that we see today actually started out as a weed around the Mediterranean basin. Served in dishes for over 4500 years, lettuce has certainly made its mark in history- as seen from tomb paintings in Egypt to the depiction of many different varieties in ancient Greek relics. Christopher Columbus introduced lettuce to the new world.

See not that hard.
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