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I really like this boy i have known him for years now, not close but we talk. This past 3 months we have been texting 24/7.

we had a school dance and he walked in and he said that he asked his friend who i was cause he only sawl me from the back and his friend idk. but then he figured out it was me and told me the whole story and how he was amazed. he told me that i was pretty and that if i ever died he would cry. i like him but how do i break it too him?

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well first of all theres nothing to "beak to him". second dont just be a creepy stalker chick no guy likes that. third try to see if he likes you. do something like make up a story to tell him like... "i have this friend and all she can talk about is this guy and it has became annoying. they have now started texting but she says she grew to like him and she asked me for advise but nothing like this has ever happened to me". something like that so he doesnt know you really talking about you and doesnt get suspicious." but try not to be really cocky or shy, that would make me leave and stop talking to you but any way just try to find a way to ease it out of him.

i hope this helped you

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Hey, you I like your face.

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