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Did you know that Isra?el killed since 11/04/2012,to this time 160 people, most of women and children

Look at these children from one family were killed by Israel since several days ago in Gaza Palestine

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Well maybe the "Palestinians" should ask themselves ... is it worth it, sheltering terrorists among us?

I mean, what do they think is gonna happen when you live next to people who fire rockets at others?

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Israel,began killing women and children
There are no terrorists in Gaza and Palestine
Israel is terrorism
People who fire rockets to Israel are defending the Palestinians
I think we have the right to defend ourselves
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You're full of it.

The "Palestinians" just want the land they were promised by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria ... if those countries won the 1967 war. But they lost. So their promise was moot.

Those "settlers" are the ones backing the terrorist organizations of Hamas and PLO.

THOSE organizations are the ones who started killing women and children. Now Israel is so good at keeping them out, they have to resort to firing rockets.
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Walt - you told it nicer than I was going to! Thank You!!!
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Israel stole our land in 1948 because we were weak people at that time and other people did not help us
We are now working to restore our land with the help of Hamas, which you believes that is is a terrorist
you always close your ears about crimes of the Israel occupation
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Daily report about the Israeli aggression against citizens in Gaza Strip started on 14/11/2012

Report No: 16
Date of report: Wednesday 2012/11/21
Time of report 20:00
The total number of officially registered victims till this hour is 1382 (160 martyrs and 1222 wounded) distributed as follows:

The total number of martyrs 160 ( 138 male , 22 female )

Date Daily No. Cum. No.
14/11/2012 8 8
15/11/2012 11 19
16/11/2012 12 31
17/11/2012 16 47
18/11/2012 24 71
19/11/2012 37 108
20/11/2012 29 137
21/11/2012 23 160
Total 160
The total number of wounded 1222 ( 869 male , 353 female )

Date Daily No. Cum. No.
14/11/2012 125 125
15/11/2012 118 243
16/11/2012 74 317
17/11/2012 188 505
18/11/2012 167 672
19/11/2012 220 892
20/11/2012 240 1132
21/11/2012 90 1222
Total 1222
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Israel did not steal your land.
It was owned by the British at that time ... and they voluntarily gave it BACK to the Jewish people, who had fled persecution under various empires.

There were already thousands of Jews living there ... and none of the Arabs were kicked out, unless they choose to violently oppose the Jewish state.

The name "Palestine" was put in place by the Romans, in order to erase the nation of Israel from their maps - after the Jews unsuccessfully rebelled against the Roman Empire. So a "Palestinian" is anybody (Jewish, Arab, otherwise) from that region.

Don't try to peddle your bovine scat here.
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This is not the truth
There was a British Mandate over Palestine
And in 1917 was the Balfour Declaration to the Jews for their homeland in Palestine
Britain handed over Palestine to the Jews
This is the truth Israel stole our land and make massacres in 1948 with the help of gangs Hagana
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I do not understand what do you mean of this word
Are you angry .. if so Man must not anger truth word
Or do you want to sleep?
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You let people stock weapons by hospitals and in residential neighborhoods and then ask why innocents are dying. Play with fire and expect to get burnt. Y'all had a decent moderate Politician with the PLO but you went and changed to a organization called Hamas. one more play with fire, YOU WILL GET BURNT! I haven't heard the Israelis say death to all people of Gaza, but I sure heard the people of Gaza say death to ALL Israelis. You won't get much sympathy here.
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I mean your attempt at rationalizing is pathetic, and I'm bored of you.

You may fool the kiddies here, and adults who haven't delved into the issue ... but I'm done with your foolishness.
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I do not want sympathy from anyone
enough that God is with us
I just want to expaline the truth that a lot here do not know
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LOL ... If God was with you, fewer of your people would be dieing than your enemies. Or maybe God thinks winning means everyone on your side dies, and the "loser" is left here.
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God is with us and this is our faith
Our dead in Paradise and their dead in hell
why you are speaking with me you said that you are bored of me
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Because you changed to subject to whose side God "is on".

An entirely ridiculous assertion that God is on the side that (according to your own figures) has a higher death rate ... and fewer numbers. So by the time all your people die, there will be plenty of your enemies left alive. Not a good test of who is "winning".

And if you're going by "but we're all going to Paradise, so we win" ... then it would logically follow just to kill all yourselves, and get the victory done.
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I told you that the people did not help us
Previous President of Egypt helped Israel, after 30 years of rule his people revolted and drop it now Mohamed Morsi came , which will help us to re back
our land
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Mohamed Morsi is the President of Egypt now
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Al. You can blame who you like but until people like you admit Hamas is a terror group that brings pain and suffering on its people by its cowardly rocket attacks on Israel then hiding amongst civilians, there will be no peace there.
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Muslims, Christians, and the Jewish people worship the same god. How do you figure that this god will reward one, and forsake the other two? By the way do female and children terrorists get 72 virgins too?
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@nblacksmith about those virgins,nice! lol
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now i know!..

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And how many Israelis have been killed because of shoulder fired rockets and suicide bus bombings. If you're going to post one number you should post the other just to be fair.

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More Palestinians have been killed over the entire history of this conflict by a huge margin (like thousands more). Most of them civilians...
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Who started the aggression must bear the results
we have the right to defend ourselves
This is freedom
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Sephira thank you for explanation
i am glad that there is one here know that
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Who started the aggression must bear the results

Which, I guess, is why so many of your people are dying.
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Walt - between the blockades and other oppressive restrictions that have been imposed on Gaza by Israel, it it any wonder that they fight back?
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And why do you think those were imposed in the first place?
Probably had something to do with the attacks originating from there.
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There is a difference between defending yourself, and seeking the destructon of a neighbo. WHen you attack your neighbors civilian population, and then hide among your own civilians. And cry outrage when your own civilians get killed. It was the Hamas that started it.
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Hamas uses civilians, and especially children, as human shields, as a part of its war doctrine. Hamas repeatedly called upon Palestinian civilians to gather near buildings where they feared that the IDF was about to launch air-strikes against Hamas targets.They documented several examples of what they described as "calls in the Hamas controlled Gaza media for Palestinians civilians to serve as human shields". They released footage allegedly showing Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV calling upon children to form a human shield at various structures in Gaza to prevent anticipated IDF airstrikes, and an Al-Aqsa TV News broadcast describing how a crowd of civilians gathered on the roof of Abu Bilal al-Ja'abeer to stop the IDF from executing an airstrike. This might be helpful.
or this.

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Your speaking is depend on false media
Hamas does not use people as human shields
People here in Gaza love each other and assembly method on rooftops doing by people themselves No one forces them
all People in Gaza with Hamas and Hamas is not a terrorist organization it is an organization defending Palestinian people against Israel criminal
Wait 12/14/2012 to make sure that all the Palestinians with Hamas
America is portrayed Hamas as a terrorist organization
What do you say if I told you I love Hamas and loved every Mujahedin
do you tell me that i am a terrorist
If we want to talk about terrorism you say Israel
come to Gaza then you can see the truth
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I think that it is you who are listening to propoganda. That or you are trying to spread it.
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Alaa, no one cares if you are or aren't a terrorist. Hamas is! And you trying to defend them is bizarre. They use people as human shields. They promote it. And please get off this martyr crap. Everyone that dies over there is a martyr? Strap bomb on, go to a market, kill women and children and your a martyr ?? Sorry...don't buy it!
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I do not hear I see by my own eyes, because I live in Gaza
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All of you say that Hamas is a terrorist I am defending them because I know the fact and live in Gaza.. hamas is a people like you defend the Palestine from Israel's crimes
if Hamas did not exist, Israel will kill all people in Gaza
America says that Hamas is because they support Israel
Why did not you talk a terrorist about America that is destroyed Iraq
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LOL ... You think too highly of your little HAMAS.

Israel could have wiped out everyone in the Gaza Strip easily, if they wished.
After all, they defeated the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria ... who had better military equipment, at the time. That's how they got the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

Why don't you people ask Egypt to ask for that land back?
Is it because your leaders know Egypt doesn't want you?
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it is so pathetic
God gave us a life
Victory is not the number of civilian deaths so that Israel not victorious
Most of people killed by Hamas are fighters, not civilians and thus from the military point Hamas is victorious with a few means because God is with them
We want Hereafter (Paradise) but (Paradise) does not mean to kill ourselves,
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How come Hamas places the rocket launchers that use to target civilian targets near near schools and mosques? And how come after Hamas targets civilian targets in Israel they then complain if their 'human shields' get killed, from Israel defending themselves? And what's up with Hamas killing their own people? I think Hamas killed more Muslims than Israel did. Or are Muslims allowed to do things that infidels are not? Is it a double standard?
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Hamas did not start the war is Israel which began
I did not expect how strong hatred for Hamas
You do not know the truth and you should not accuse others of terrorism, after you see with your eyes you can talk
i live in Gaza and see everything
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Back in 1948 when Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the Arab Liberation Army conspired to destroy Israel it wasn't self defense. It was an unprovoked attempt at genocide. But they failed to achieve their evil and selfish agenda. Now Hamas launches unprovoked attacks against civilian targets, and then hides behind their own civilians and claims that is the Israeli's who are unjustly attacking civilians. And somehow you can't see the hypocrisy in this. As if to say it is ok for Muslims to attack civilians, and then hide behind their own civilians. But if any of Hamas' humanshields should be killed then it is an outrage for anyone but them to attack civilians. If civilians are so precious to Hamas, then how come they attack civilians, and how come they use their own civilians as human shields? How come?
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Everything you say is not true this is a false history Was written by America for Islamophobia and to make every people in America hate islam
but I beleive if they no the truth of Islam they will Know how they are deceived
This is what I can say to you
Salam Alycom
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Islam history has always been about using military force and terror to convert or destroy anyone who is not a Muslim. And that you are here denying the evil that has been done and is being done in the name of allah is an obvious use of taqiyya, yet another Muslim lie. How can anyone believe you when your religion tells you that everyone who is not of your religion must convert or die? How can anyone believe a word you are saying when you religion orders you to lie, cheat and even murder? I ask you. How can you expect to be trewated with honor and trust when you show every day you have no honor and can't be trusted. I ask you.
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I repeat this is not the truth
I defend the cause of Palestine and not for Islam
If we consider that Hamas terrorist why Israel kills children it must kill Hamas military
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God said in the quran you will not be satisfied with Jews nor the Christians until you follow their religion
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It sounds like you are trying to say that when HAMA intentionally attacked civilians it was ok because they are Muslims and Muslims believe in peace so anything they do including attacking civilians is ok as long as it is Muslims attacking civilians. It sounds like you are saying that when HAMAS attacks civilians and then hides behind civilians and children that it is ok. As long as they are HAMAS doing this. It sounds like you are saying when Israel fights back, that they are wrong to defend themseleves. And when they kill your human shields they are wrong for attacking your military targets that you have hidden among your children and civilians. How come when you attack it is ok and when Israel defends themselves it is unjust? IS it that you can't see the truth, or is it that you wont see the truth? Or are you just observing taqiyya and trying to spread lies for the glory of Islam?
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If Hamas used Gazans as human shields, why they support it
This photo of anniversary of founding Hamas in 8/12/.2012 only in Gaza
I hope you to see all images
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There is group think, and fanaticism, and also a bit of Stockholm syndrome. To tell the truth the study of evil behavior is not my expertise, I suppose Hamas or any other Muslim organization could explain why they do the things they do. I looked at yours, now take a look at these. It is only fair to show you the truth.
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It is so hard to decide out of the many which ones to pick. But I am sure if you go to youtube and type truth about hamas or truth about Islam, you would see things they don't want you to see.
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Then again you don't have to take the word of an infidel. Here is Fathi Hammd, the political leader of Hamas. If you won't take my word for it. Maybe you will believe the word of your own fearless leader? Why would he spread lies to make Hamas look bad? Here is your leader.
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in Isalm Not entitled to any human being to describe someone as an unbeliever
If Fathi Hammad said about someone an infidel, he is mistaken Ask God to forgive him
You show me the video about Mohammed al-Dura and his father, who was killed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza
this is a conflicting video and How i can believe you
Not unite in the video show Hamas fighters were using the people of Gaza as human shields
There is a snapshot of one Mujahid appears only a shooting rockets The rest of the footage is not for Hamas fighters
And if we learn our children resistance, this is not terrorism
Because these children will grow up and will return us our land ... This is our right
If my brother stole my land, I acaovernm him
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Clearly you did not see the videos. Or are you observing kitman and taqiyya? Are you lying to yourself or are you lying to us?
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It is funny
I do not care to believe what I say to you
I care about defense my issues
fighters of Hamas document every launch rocket by videos
Each video where green logo you can see the logo on this video
you appeared in the video does not have any documentation, only people with a weapon and covering their faces
Only there is a part in the video shows the logo green and he was being fired does not appear to use civilians as human shields
I do not blame you,
the press and the media have a significant role
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And is Fathi Hammad lying to make Hamas look bad? Here he admits they use women and children as human shields. WHat do you say to this? That is him spekaing. This is not Israeli propoganda this is your leader speaking. WHat do you say to this?
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And here is his brave son who has the courage to speak the truth. What do you say about this?
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For information only
as far as I know Mus'ab Hassan Yousuf became a Christian and his father disowned him
As for Fathi Hammad he is not the leader of Hamas, but it is a businessman support hamas with money
I do not deny he said that Gazans have made ??themselves human shields
Gazans have made ??themselves human shields and climbed on rooftops to prevent bombard Israeli aircraft and.They did it willingly not Hamas which used them as human shields and I'm ready to be a human shield to protect the house loading bombs, but what he meant here is the love of the people of Gaza to death
Do you know why we love death while you love life??
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Is it because you have no respect for life and have no regard for your own lives let alone the lives of your children or neghbors? I remember when before you said you do not use civilicans as human shields. Everyone knows you attack civilicans and then hide behind your human shields. You are fooling nobody but yourselves if you think you can be the great deciever that you try to be with kitman and taqiyya. If you do evil even if it is in god's name it is still evil. Murder, lies, suicide, are all evil in the eyes of the lord. There is nobody who is deceived by your lies. Except maybe yourselves, if you think anyone believes you.
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what do you mean of kitman and taqiyya
We respect life and live it
But we love death because eternal life after death
Pay attention you attacking me now
not Hamas and this is your war against Islam
Just want to offend
you did not find an answer and began swearing
Who does not respect life, which commits suicide
Look at the suicide rate in America and compare it to Gaza
Drinking and wasting life Alice's suicide
Adultery and its problems
What is the guilt of children you leave them outside the church
This is the respect of life???
It is sooooooooo !!!!!!!!!...
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What do you mean with taqiyya and kitman? Your actions have no repsect for life, and your words say something opposite. I am paying attention. And unlike you I speak truth. I do not hide behind kitman, I do not observe taqiyya. I speak truth. I have no war against Islam, but I am not Muslim. So Islam has war against me I am sure. If you want to offend, be comforted. Your insistance on lies is offensive to those who love truth. Be comforted. You claim I do not find answer and began swearing. WHat answer did I not find, what swearing did I do? More taqiyya? What does suicide rate in America have to do with Suicide rate in gaze? There are larger cities in America than whole gaza strip. Why ar eyou bringing this up? Do you think I am American? Are you attacking me with comments abot America? Who is Alice? ANd are you saying Muslim suicide is good but anybody else's suicide is bad? Leave children outside of church? Ok that makes no sense. It sounds like you are as usual saying liesare truth as long as the lies are Muslims lying. It sounds like you are saying that murder is good if it is Muslims murdering. It sounds like you are saying that evil is good as long as it is Muslims doing the evil. By the way what do you say about the Paliwood productions where they make false films to make Muslims look heroic? WHat do you say to this?
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Here is another video I am sure you will also ignore because it is the truth.
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And here is a Muslim who is speaking the truth.
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I want to ask you
If one assaulted your mother or your sister you are not ready to offer your soul in order to protect them?? This is the concept of love death at the people of Gaza
The suicide is quite different
in Islam Not permissible to kill self
I do not excuse any person killing another
For video, I do not deny what is in it
But ask in Europe, Muslims and Christians and Muslim presence not means it is a Muslim country
Thus Gaza there is a bad and good people
Bad people deserve punishment, but we advise them and God will punish them in the Hereafter
(evil. Murder, lies, suicide, are all evil) this is swear or what
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If suicide and murder is not permissible in Islam then why do Muslims glorify murder and suicide? If one is assaulted then they have the right to defend themselves. But there is a difference between attacking civilians and defending themselves. Why is it Hamas attacks civiliians and then pretends it is defending itself? Why is it Hamas uses children as human shields? Why is it when Israel supports an independant Palestine State, the Palestine answer is always "Death to Israel", how come? If evil, lies murder, and suicide are evil in the eyes of Islam, why does Islam allow these things? I think this is taqiyya, when a Muslim tells me Islam is against evil. I think it is kitman when a Muslim tells me there are no Muslim Terrorists.
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Yes, death to Israel, which stole our land
No peace with people who are criminals
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How peace with people who killed my brother
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you says Such as the Security Council
Always gives the Israeli occupation the right to defend themselves but does not give the right to Palestinian
It is frustrating
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Defending yourself against an attack is one thing. An unprovoked attack against non combatants is something else. You do know that the land of Israel was a Jewish state before there was Palestine? Before there was such thing as Islam. The land belonged to the Jewish people. And now once again this land is their land. The Sovereign State of Israel has reclaimed that which is rightfully theirs. And no criminal acts of terror will change this. Israel may be surrounded by people who wish to destroy them, but they have truth and justice on their side, and God is with them, the one true God of Abraham. ANd Taqiyya and KItman will not decieve the eyes of those who know the truth.
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this discussion will never end
Just I says
There is nothing as the State of Israel
there is occupied Palestinian territory
You do not want to believe
i veiw pictures explained that Hamas does not use people as human shields, but you do not believe
You do not want to believe my words, how do I discuss you ?????????
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salam alykom
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I showed you videos of Hamas hding among civilians. And you did not believe. I showed you Hamas admitting they use children as human shields and you deny them. Then you admitted it but then you deny it again. You said no Muslim ever said death to Israel. And then I showed you videos of them chanting Death to Israel. And then you yourself said death to Israel. THen you said I am swaering at you which i never did. You say Hamas is not terrorist, but they are. You are not being honest and it is obvious you are lying. Hamas is a terrorist group. Israel and the land of Israel will not be taken by terror or by lies. When Hamas stops their attacks, there is no more war. When Israel stops defending itself, there is no more Israel. The world knows the truth. ANd your lies have accomplished nothing here. Everyone knows Hamas is terrorist organization.
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I offered video proves the wrong in what you said, but you have not ratified
I do not deny that people say Death to Israel and I say ... yes, death to Israel, it is criminal who killed people and stole my land and I live in Gaza, but my original is Majdal was stolen by Israel and I'll be back to Majdal
I do not lie
your false media does not appear the truth
you are talking about Asral like they are oppressed
like you've never heard about the war of 2008 which killed more than 1000 children and a woman then says self-defense
Defend itself from the women and children??????
You are supporting Israel and thus support the killing of innocent people and so you are terrorist not Hamas or me
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Is it criminal when Hamas kills palestinians? Is it criminal when terrorists murder innicent people? Or is it only criminal when terrorists get killed? Is it only criminal if paestinians are killed by infidels? Here is more Hamas. As they murder the people in Gaza for the crime of having a wedding. Allahu Akbar.
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You are a stubborn person you does not want to be convinced
you defend Israel as if you are a Jew
Video dates back to more than 6 years ago when there was a disagreement between Hamas and Fatah and these young people are a group wanted shook internal security in Gaza and Hamas dealt with them necessary and now ended these problems and the relationship between them is good
does not intervent in side subjects
you do not live on the ground do not know the political situation in Gaza
you forgot to ask me what is the Gaza war in 2008(It's a funny thing and unfortunate) hhhhhhhh
If you want me to give evidence on Israel's crimes i will not finish
Debate with you does not useful
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So now I am supposed to be Jewish? Is this you trying to hurt my feelings with name calling? I do not care what a person believes, or who they are. It is what they do that counts. You seem to feel that it is ok if Muslims murder, and it doesn't seem to matter for you if they murder palestinian children or Hebrew children. If they are Muslims anything they do is good. But if anyone defends themselves against Muslims then this is criminal for you. How is it that you think Israel is not Israel? How is it you think Israel stole "your" land? And how is it when Israel defends itself from Muslims attacks it is criminal. But when Muslims attack anyone it is not criminal? Murder is murder, and self defense is self defense. No matter who is doing it. But you seem to feel if a Muslim murders it is not murder because they are muslim. And when anyone who is not muslim defends themselves against muslim attacks it is criminal. This Muslim attacks on Israel is nothing new. Muslims have been trying to destroy Israel since there was an Israel. But what you choose to not see is that the land was only returned to the Jewish people. It was theirs and now it is theirs again. This is not an occupation of Muslim territory. It is the sovereign state of Israel. And no terrorists will change this fact. I suppose to you terrorism is also not qa crime since it is Muslims doing it too?
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Once you talk about Islam
Once you talk about Israel
Once Hamas using Gazans as human shields
Islam and claims it is terrorism and then YOU say I'm not at war with Islam
Offended me and my religion more than once but I have not been attacked your religion or misused Christianity
Is this the Christian morality do not respect other religions ???????
Not permissible for a Muslim to kill a Muslim or kill Christians or Jews unless they attack us
Did you know that the Prophet Muhammad said the person who kill a Christian he did not smell the fragrance of Paradise
Then you tell me Islam terrorism
What Hamas is doing is to defend the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation
you did not believe that it stole our land, this your freedom
Enough that I locked my case
Israel's killing of children and women considered self-defense
The resistance Hamas them considered terrorism Islam
Not impressed by your thinking, you're not in Gaza and not to see what is happening
today isreal killed a child 7 years old from a Israel rocket
Then talk to Hamas terrorism
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Are you now calling me Christian? Is this name calling? Was a terrorist hiding behind him? Was he being a human shield? First you denied Hamas is using children as human shields, then you amditted it. Are you denying it again? How do you figure that the land of Israel is not righfully their land? It was the land of the Jewish people in the past, and once again it is the Land of the Jewish people. The entire world recognizes Israel's soveriegnty and their right to exist. But Muslims do not believe Israel has a right to exist. Where is the nation of Palestine? Where was the nation of Palestine? How do you think that Palestine has a legitimate claim on the Land of Israel? You say they stole our land. They didn't steal anything. It is you who wants to steal their land. You say you are defending yourself. When one neighbor goes out to murder another neghbor this is not defense. When one nighbor attacks their neighbor and the neighbor fights back, this is not murder. No matter what religion one side os or the other. But you seem to think if one of the nighbors is Muslim and the other is not Muslim than the Muslim can do anything they want and call it defense, and the non Muslim must either let the Muslim kill them and not fight back because defense against Muslim terror is crime. Do you really not see the hypocrisy? Or are you trying to deceive me with kitman and taqiyya? I may not be a Muslim; but I am not fool.
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I do not know why do you think that I lie
What will I benefit from lying
you repeated this kind of talk before
( Muslim and the other is not Muslim than the Muslim can do anything they want and call it defense, and the non Muslim must either let the Muslim kill them and not fight back because defense against Muslim terror is crime)
I do not want you to become a Muslim, but see any religion calls for carrying sword
But I say to you,hear this debate and focus on the section of the 11 minute
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What happen with u ?
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I think you will not find an answer to this video
Do you know why
Because Islam is the true religion
And is not a religion of terrorism
You can not deny that your religion is inviting you to terror and the sword
I think I won the the discussion
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ok...How are u?
what happened with u with the last vedio?
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Do I really need to retype the truth that I have repeated to you many times? THe truth that you pretend to not see? It is taqiyya or is it kitman? I confuse them because I am not well versed in the art of lies. All lies to me are offensive. Even if they are done in the name of some religion or ideology. FIrst you called me a Jew, and I think you meant that as an insult. Then you called me Christian, which I think was also another attempt at insult. Now you are telling me that my religion is inviting me to terror and the sword. Are you now accusing me of being a Muslim? Is this what you mean by terror and the sword? Here is a rare Muslim who is speaking aloud what everyone already suspected.
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What is this ?
you are as what Qur'an said about you
youknow the truth but stubborn
Video showed you the proof and evidence that Islam does not call for murder and terrorism
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I do not want to debate with
do not comment on my my talk because it does not useful
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I forgot to tell you
I have not accused that you are Muslim
Even if you understand that you will be proud to be a Muslim
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You did say that religion is inviting me to terror and the sword. I think Islam is the only religion founded by the sword and promotoed with terror. So if you were now accusing me of being a Muslim what were you trying to say? Here is an interesting video that speaks the truth. What do you think of it?
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