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What does "memorandum of points and authorities in opposition to petition to terminate guardianship of minor child" mean?

i need to know if this means that my parents are fighting me in court or in favor of me getting my guardianship back

i have court in a few days and i would like to know so i don't go in blind.
i have tried asking a few lawyers but everyone says i need to pay them before they can tell me anything.

someone please help me

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I am not a lawyer, but it sounds as though the person providing the memo is listing reasons why they do Not want to see guardianship terminated.

So, who currently has guardianship of the child? That person wants to keep the child, they are against losing guardianship.

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Basically my parents talked me into giving them full guardianship of my son for insurances reason when I asked them for help. But I thought that we had agreed that I could have him back when I wanted. But long story short I didn't even know that they had gone to court I thought it was a piece of paper that I signed saying that if for any medical reasoning they had full decision of what happens in my absence. After being denied him back I then called inlayer to ask what my rights were after I found out that it indeed was a court matter and I was told that I would have to petition for my rights back. So I filed the paperwork on the 30th and when I looked up my case number today it said that my father supported and then what I said in the original question which didn't make sense to me because it sounded like it wasn t going to be a fight until you get to the word opposed. But I figured they would fight it because they think he is theirs and that she pushed him out of her! Although I did! We found all this out because my husband and I were planning to move out if state for his job and I didn't want to leave him behind. And it's not that I am unfit. I don't do drugs or drink and party I'm pregnant with my second child happily married but they refuse to give him back. But thank you for the reply I really appreciate it!!! I figured that's what it meant but I just wanted to make sure.
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Good Luck.
I can't imagine how hard this is for you. Try not to stress (yeah right, this is your child we're talking about), but the added stress is no good for the baby you're carrying.
I will keep you in my thoughts as you try to get custody of your child back.
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I had to look some of the big words up :P but it pretty much means 'a reminder to those who are against a petition to have the child's guardianship taken away'

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