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Why would treated lumber which has been primed and double coated w/ good outdoor paint get wood rot?

we built simple slatted shade structure and covered with porous shade cloth, is in full Western Exposure 7-9hrs aday on Tropical Isle about 1/4 mile uphill from Ocean. this is 2nd time this has happened. ideas why? and how prevent?

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it takes treated lumber months to dry completely...if you prime and paint before it drys it seals in the wetness and causes that. a old timer told me that...sounded like he knew what he was talking about?

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You are correct.... I've replaced many treated boards due to rotting.
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Thanks, kinda confirmed what thought; big problem here is that wood shipped via P.R. Where it often sits tightly stacked out in open for extended times. Once here not many options on DRY space(especially for lg amnts)to do proper drying. Worst is once rot sets in makes 'Yummy' spot for termites and Ants!:-(.Soo? Any other ways around this ya'll can think of on Isle w/limited wood treatment facilities? Thx fr answ so far.
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Weell hey lynskyn, you especially should know what I'm talking about, which Virgin? & Le les Bon Temp Roullez!
James: Tigers still 'rock' over Crimson Tide:-). Even if going to play-offs! And having Mom living in Mobile Bay erea.
Nice to 'meet' both ya'll. K.
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Sry, didn't finish proper as to asking &not giving, Virgin:"the forgotten one". We Do feel that way w/govt busy doing mosta the "undertable-dealing" across the water.:-)!
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Witt, I know this is an old question but... Do you have access to teak? It would last alot longer than cca treated pine. Or use the new composite type of decking material which you are able to cut and nail like real wood but do not have the rotting problem of wood.

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Well hey capcon! You should know better having been in the Islands! Or was that just as tourist? Lol.
Sure, might be able to find Teak.. Hah! Got some extra "spare change" lying around to donate?? Prices High up in Mainland.. Way Prohibitive here!:-(
. Great suggestion though, lots of teak sanding/sealing Marine Style helping friends:-).
Composite same Problem, not sold on Isle , would have to order and ship.. & THATS a whole big $$ and hassle here, Hubby worked in Shipping here and even with those "ins" not feasible for small amount...
Pseesh, cost -wise sticking with Treated works fine, is just big hassle re-do every coupla years and keeping close eye on it for darn Termites!
Will check with one of our contractor friends to see if he has any projects coming up which use the composite, may be able to Tag-On small amount..hmmm:-).
Ah, "Life in the Left Lane"
Thanks for catching that one and Nudging my Brain into "alternative thinking"!
So? Were Island as tourist or living? If don't mind me asking...
Btw, got good aghummm, laugh out of your little rant-n-rave at Ask about that email!!he,he... Hope your like me and like enjoy a good laugh at own stuff..
One more Q, ..? horticulture? Where/what/how??
Eh, on a roll.. Is that a CatFish in your Pic.? Looks just like your in Louisiana/Texas waters, and looks like a nice Big CatFish! Yum.
Thanks again for the input& help, will find you & let you know if worked.:-).
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I'm no expert on the islands, strictly a midlander who likes to visit as a tourist. I grew up in NJ but am now landlocked in Oklahoma. As far as the catfish, you nailed it. I caught that along with all five of the different game fish available all in one day in the bay at Port Arthur straddling the Texas/Louisiana state line. In Texas that's called getting a Grand Slam. Best fishing day of my life!
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Yee-Haw!!!:-). Ya'll do a grand style Texas Fry-up?
Nice place to fish, what are the other 3? Assume 1 other of the five is large mouth Bass...
Did you catch that I did a stint in Joisey also?? Lived-College-Work central/north for along 19, including a year commuting into the City, be happy never to see snow/ice or the GardenState Parkway again!
Sorry to hear yr "land-locked" in Okie, but there's some good fishing there also! If the rivers and Lakes haven't all dried up..?
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