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I need help. PLZ, I need opinions!!:)

ok so my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 7 weeks now and we have gone out before and also we were amazingly good friends before this. well if you look at my previous questions I have asked, I was having some issues with him in the past. there was this girl who he dated for about a week. the girl is in the grade below us, with his sister who is best friends with this girl. well we text alot and hold hands and hug and stuff but we haven't kissed yet and we have only been on one date but it was to a football game and hr and 1/2 away from where we live and we don't have our full licenses yet and so his parents were there and his sister(who I love and they r REALLY nice) well bout an hr ago we were texting and turns out he kissed the girl, multiple times. they only dated for a week but they didn't really know each other but when they first kissed( the same day they started going out) they were at his house because she was having a sleepover with his sister. well now I feel like our relationship is going really slow even though we tell each other we love each other and it IS true. well before I knew that they had kissed, I knew she still had a crush on him because he broke up with her and she was crying and it was messed up but unfortunately at that point in time, I was phone less because somebody stole my phone so I didn't get to talk to him(or anybody else for that matter) for a while. well she still likes him and she always acts weird around us... I'm not kidding when I say she is a stalker(bigtime) and on Friday, I was standing right there next to him and In the hall she yelled out his name and made a heart shape with her fingers and he hates her though and I've cn the texts. she even has a boyfriend though so I don't get it. an she stares at me constantly and gives us the evil eye. one day i was at my locker during advisory and i turned around and she was just standing there staring at me, knowing that i was gonna meet him there and so when he turned the corner she took off and it was really weird. how do I get her to leave us alone and are we going really slow?? sry it took me so long to get to the point but thats only summing it up. plz anything you can say will help. plz!! I really do love him and nv want to lose him!!

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Hmm I think the guy seems genuine but I could be wrong. My guess is he wants to take it slow cuz e doesn't want to screw things up with you, as things didn't turn out well the last time around. Hope this helps, and good luck!:)

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Thank you!
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