Is there plugin available for Premiere CS4 on which you can create a bloody effect?

I'm doing the pre-production process of a story that I'm writing and trying to make it happen. But in order to get on the field, I like to be sure of carrying all of the tools I need to don't boil the project. So I've faced a scene to which I shall make a blood drop appear in the middle of two fingers, on a extremely close shot, and she has to slide down through the arm of the character. Now,I know the most easy way is, of course, to use fake blood. But the action would be too quick to be controlled, besides I would need something a bit... "unreal" like to make the drop stay a little longer suspended on the arm, before falling down... so I need a CGI.
Now here's the true problem. My PC is 32bts system. So I can't download AE. So I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to create such a effects while I'll be using Premiere CS4

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