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What's a good gift for a girl that you like?

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um, let's see... some boxers... oh! i know! you could teach her how to make some ripped jeans! here's how:
step one- buy a bunch of tnt at walmart.(try not to blow walmart up, though)
step two- get some matches.(try not to burn down walmart, though)
step three- Go home, put the tnt on the grown and light it.(don't burn your pants in the process, though)
step four- step back two steps, and wait. (you might get bored while you wait, but don't worry, it will be all worth it! you will get explosive sucess)
step five- watch your house explode and catch on fire from a bird's eye view as you fly up in the sky from the blast!(i hope your mom has insurance)
step six- land on your face a mile away from whats left of your house.(hope you get a good work out from this)
step seven- get to the remains of the house, get yelled at by your mom and dad, and get grounded for the rest of your life.(don't worry, it will all be worth it in the end)

wallah! you now have ripped pants!( i am not responsible for any injuries, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, or deaths, and am also not responsible for any damage to your property)

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wow thats awsome!! thats the perfect gift!! thanks kylecapell!!
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i am the alknowing kyle capell
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Flowers or maybe a bracelet, just figure out what she likes ...

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sooo booorrriiinnngggg! try my idea!!
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Lol yay your idea is awesome ;D
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Depends on how much u like her

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