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is there such thing as a brain orgasm?

i know it sounds weird, but for awhile I could feel this strong electrical current travel from my brain to my spine. and this strange current of energy felt like it was coming from the back part of my brain causing these sensitive orgasmic feelings that travel throughout my bod. and I'm not completely sure, but i think i can twitch my brain just like a can my penis. although i could be moving some neck muscle kus i felt the twitches with my fingers right on my brain stem.
i love to learn, and i love to solve deep personal questions of the universe around me. one day after realizing a mind blowing idea, my brain completely spazzed out and this orgasmic feeling exploded like something I've never experienced before. when i twitched my brain, it was almost like i was milking it, and it was ever so sensitive whenever i twitched it. but ever sinve that happened, i no longer feel an energy leaving my brain. its almost like a signal was turned off, and I'm not as happy as i used to be.. are brain orgasms possible? if so, do they cause brain damage? honestly, I think I'm just going crazy...

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It sounds very much like what recently has been described as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Lots of insight when you google it.

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Total elation. yes. It comes from God.

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R you being clean ?
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