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Is this normal?

So i have been dealing with depression my whole life and stuff (not only myself but a lot of people around me i know have had or have depression and i helped countless through it or have failed and that is primarily why i am depressed i assume) and so when i meet someone who is i guess emotionally stable or doesnt have any real problems i dont i guess feel comfortable with that person as a friend or more. like i feel they are not as experienced in life and cannot relate and i end up pushing them away which i know is stupid but idk i guess im so used to the negativity its kinda hard to stray away from that ._. any suggestions? (sorry if the category is wrong)

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it's normal... and i hope this'll help...

close your eyes, think about what you're depressed about, take a deep, long breath and slowly spit it through your the air, the pollution is the problem you took, like your problems, you'll die if you don't let the pollution out, like life, everything must go on, let it all out, it's not just you who have problems, and let the air flow out, like the problems and everything, nothing last forever, you're not the only one who lose someone close to you, or made the big mistakes of your life... because you and everyone have the right to get a second chance... always looking forward, the past is something you must learn from, the present is what you must focus on, and the future is something you must prepare for, so please always looking forward for tomorrow, okay?
( ' ,') "Please?!"

i answered someone's question with this before you...

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thanks for that but the problem wasn't really that :o but ill be sure to try that outlet next time i feel down and im glad the worst of my depression is long gone behind me :D its just my variety of people i associate with tend to have many issues ._. and idk i become so accustomed to that so its like if someone comes across as "happy" i wouldnt really like them so yea :x but thanks :D
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Some people who are or seem emotionally "stable" have issues that are hidden. Some put on a "facade" others are very good at masking. I would not jump to conclusions and automatically assume life is peaches and creme with them. We all have crosses to bear.

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It is very rare for someone to have depression and not anxiety. When you push people away, that sounds like the anxiety part. The reason being is because people with depression and anxiety do not know the proper way to deal with certain situations. Being in the spotlight can bring discomfort or nervousness. It also affects the ability to socialize. However, the things that are dwelled upon are matters that are not as bad as the dweller thinks. The depression is what put such thoughts into the mind.

The best thing to do is to just try to remember that when you feel hurt, it's your mind making you think of the bad yet to happen. You have a lot to be grateful for, so give your self a chance. The next time people want to talk, carry on conversation. The bad will not happen as long as you stay faithful.

Long story short, yes, it is very normal for anyone who has depression.

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