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How to relieve boredom when on exercise restriction?

I have a 5 year old Belgian Shepherd Border Collie mix who I am fostering from my vet tech program at my college. He has heartworms and is on exercise restriction. I am only allowed to leash walk him and he is not allowed to do any running, jumping or playing. My instructor has given me a Kong for him to help relieve boredom and has told me I can work on his commands. However even with these items he will not settle down. He paces around the house and will not relax at all. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help relieve his boredom that does not include any running, jumping, or playing. He is not food motivated so anything involving food will not work on him. He is also not interested in his Kong that I was given despite my efforts to make it interesting. If anyone has any ideas I would be very thankful to hear them.

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If he is not food motivated you can use both the toy and food to keep him busy. In addition, you should be patient and try to teach the dog a few tricks considering a Belgian shepherd Border collie mix is an intelligent breed.

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I have tried that with the Kong he is just not interested in it. I have also tried working on the commands he already knows and teaching him others to keep him busy. I'm not frustrated with him I'm just not sure how to relieve his boredom when everything I try with him will not work. I don't know if hes still nervous which is fine he is in a new place but he will not settle down at all. I try training him and hes fine but once the session is over he paces again. He is not interested in his Kong which I fill with food and I am not allowed to give him anything else to chew on in terms of toys. Our walks are limited to 10 minuetes per outing by orders from my instructor(who is a vet tech and our vet at the campus has said the same thing). He wants to run and play but I can't let him do that. I was told to leash him if he gets too crazy and that just doesn't work on him either. He does relax and will sleep but when hes up its a struggle to keep him calm. Right now he is just relaxing and sleeping. He seems to be worse when I am not around him(I know herders like to be with their people so I'm not surprised by this one and I've owned herders before so herding breeds aren't new to me). I just feel bad that I really do not have a lot of options with him because he needs to be kept calm.
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