How do I tell if my internet is being throttled?

So today I wake up looking forward to another great wasted day playing CoD4. I go on a server and it says, "server is for low ping players only." I HAVE a low ping, around 90 on that particular server, and I try a few other servers, same thing there. I go on Speedtest and test. I tested at 541ms ping, 25.4 kb/s download speed, and 7.1 kb/s upload speed. That was over 2 hours ago. Now, the speed tests are still slow at 734ms ping, 19.5 kb/s down and 10.9 kb/s up. This is completely outrageous. I usually have less than 50 ping!! And now it's over 700!!!

So I go onto the AT&T website and look at my recent download amounts and such. Two months ago, I used 10GB, this month I used over 80GB(because I bought 4 or 5 games on Cyber Monday). Is my internet being throttled or is something else causing the problem, and how do I check if it is/isn't?

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