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Tell me about your first love. Like high school kind of relationship. Tell me everything. I want lots of details. Leave nothing out.

My first one was so fun while it lasted. well I didn't see the pain he was doing to me. He was a smart kid. He knew what things to say to make me do what I wanted. He manipulated me to do stupid things for his own benefit. But he complimented me, did nice things for me. Actually now that I really think about it, he really didn't do nice things. I don't know why I stayed with him. I suppose I just wanted a boyfriend. But I learned a lot from him. Like he came into my life when I wasn't looking for a boy. He taught me boundaries, how to say no. He brokeup with me after a month. He got "bored." I'm glad he came into my life to teach me lessons. I'll never forget him even if I was just an object he could use and play with.

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Er... Well... He wasn't the best boyfriend I ever had. He wasn't really my first love. But my first love in high school if that's what you're asking. He was smart. He's also sweet at times when I'm around. We used to go to Starbucks and buy coffee. We sat there like an hour or so, talking about what we uses to like in our past life. I remember this one time where he bought a box of cake pops and we ate it, not knowing what the flavor was. It was like that scene in 'The Vow' where Paige and Leo redid their first date. Kids in school were always saying "Their still together?". When I hit rock bottom, he was the person to pick me up by joking around with me. He was funny as well. He made me faint once... He was kind of overprotective too. (Kind of thinking not saying that experience). So, yeah. We went all over town and it was kind if the same routine. We started dating in mid May and ended last week. O_o "He wasn't the best boyfriend"... Hell, he was the best of all!

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Oh why did you guys break up? ):
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We got into a fight over something. I don't know what we were fighting about... It might be something silly or stupid to fight over about. I don't know. Something like that.
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