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Can winter white hamsters have baby syrian hamsters?

I hav a syrian boy, but I want a winter white girl.... Im ready and prepared!!!!!!!! I have 2 cages, one 4 the boys, and, one 4 when she is pregnant and taking care of the babies (only the girls will stay with her) !!!!!!!! Plz answer my question, Im desperate. PLZ!!!!!!!!

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Winter white hamsters cannot have baby Syrian hamsters. Syrian hamsters are private animals with an untimely maturing reproductive system. Although these hamsters will need to be in individual cages at the age of 8 weeks, it is often best not to leave females with mother past 6 weeks as solitary tendencies will grow to be stronger in both the child and the mother.

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thank u soooooooooooooooooo much ik the averages babies is 7, im giving 3 0r 4 to my 4 cuzins so ill have 3 to 6 since they can have more than 7.... oh and do you think petsmart has good hamsters? cuz i got my boy at petsmart
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oh and do you think petsmart has good hamsters?
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one should never breed pet store stock as you do not know their health/genetic background. Please read my comment on cleo's reply.
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You can but there is a much bigger chance of complications I suggest you just you don't breed your hamsters it lets them live longer anyway

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Cleo19 your a "vet"? more like a joke!

A winter white dwarf hamster can NOT breed with a Syrian hamster.

Their genetics do not match up to reproduce, let alone the fact of the size difference even if they could it would be unethical and inhumane.

The only two hamsters that can interbreed are the Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamsters and the Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters. BUT even though they are genetically able to breed it is highly recommended NOT to breed them. However IF you do the female should always be a Campbell's due to the Winter White females hips being narrow and the Campbell's pups heads being larger birthing usually results in death for both mom and pups.
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