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Child abuse in Colorado. To swat across the butt does not break any laws does it?
Yes, to beatings across the legs or lower back though.

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Having come from a good Italian family, I got a few swats, but not many :). The older generation was taught hitting was the way to discipline a child, but I can see now as a parent of a married daughter, that any form of violence was not the direction to go, and it was not necessary.

As a parent of a daughter with 2 small children,I can see the new methods of disciplining work pretty well with time outs, taking away privileges such as, no watching tv,no playing with the neighbors etc.also,
Taking away a favorite toy,losing dessert privileges the way to discipline...and it works!! Even taking the time to explain to the child why the child is being disciplined will help.
Parents have a lot of stress in their life , thus causing them to have little patience with raising their children, but in the long run, you will find a more adjusted and loving child if you can teach with love and patience. I don't know what child abuse laws are, but isn't it sad there are reasons to have those laws. Good luck..

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