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Is it possible for me to have Endometriosis if i am only 16 years old

i am 16 and i have had really bad periods like they are extremely heavy and last generally 10-12 days and sometimes occur twice a month but my period this month has lasted for 31 days straight and is still occurring it isn't as heavy as usual but it still worries me i have a doctors apt in a month but i would like to maybe have some clue as to what is wrong with me sooner so if anyone can tell me what might be causing this to occur then that would be very helpful

* PS i am not and have not been sexually active

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Yes it is possible, My daughter had it at 15. Glad you are going to the doctor, but why in a month? If you are bleeding for 31 days, you need to be checked before a month.

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Yes you can have endometriosis at 16 but that wouldn't cause the continuous bleeding for 31 days. Sounds more like there's something going on in your uterus. If you're over weight you might have poly cystic ovarian syndrome. In that case the doctor might want to try tinkering with your hormone levels. Good luck, period problems are so annoying.

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K, it is possible, but what's more likely is that your hormones are going haywire because you're still in puberty. Sucks, I know. You should call your doctor and talk to them, if they're worried then they'll schedule an emergency appointment. BTW it only takes a simple ultrasound to check. Your doc will probably put you on the pill or some other form of hormone therapy.

I have PCOS, my doc suggested to me in order to help balance out hormones is:
1. Avoid soy. It breaks down into phytoestrogens, which your body think are its own estrogen.
2. Diet high in fiber, lean meats, and dark veggies. Sugars, extra salt, caffeine, and alcohol will just make period symptoms feel worse.
3. No GMOs, so only organic grains. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, and do you really want to eat corn with a weed killer chemical gene in it? (true story! Google "RoundUp corn".) GMO's cause all sorts of crap in your body.

Of course, I can't have hormone therapy, so I HAVE to follow a diet plan to fix hormones, but this may help you too.

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That true about soy. Best to avoid it if estrogen is the problem. Good to limit boys from soy as well, it's only good for post-menopausal women.
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You could does it hurt? It could be like someone else said your body just adjusting how long have you had periods? They could just put you on bc pills to regulate you better I am in the same boat as you but I am 30 and have children so I am having a hysterectomy. I know its no fun dealing with it! Hope you get some relief soon!

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