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What is the Christian version on Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley?

I'm wanting to do this song for my church youth group, but i can't sing the original version. Does anyone know the Christian version of this song? if so, PLEASE let me know. Thanks :)

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I agree, the original lyrics for Hallelujah do not work for people of faith. I rewrote lyrics to be for Christians
Lord, You held the world in your sight
then came to us one blessed night
to save the souls of those who never knew You
It was all part of your master plan
to walk the earth as a man
and the angels all were singing hallelujah

Crowds followed just to hear you speak
the love You taught they came to seek
you touched their hearts and they were all drawn to you
you offered everlasting peace
and new life that would never cease
with doubt or faith they sought out to pursue you

You spoke the truth in every word
but the proud did not trust what they heard
they mocked you but they could never fool you
you showed the power of God above
you taught just what it means to love
But then crucified before they really knew you

Lord, only you can save the lost
the price was high but you paid the cost
I didn't understand before I knew you
for on that cross you took my place
to offer me amazing Grace
with all my heart I'm singing hallelujah
Can't fit last verse on here

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I absolutely love this? Can I sing this for church? What's the last verse?
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God bless u bro than u I love it
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The Christian version of the song is provided through lyrics which you can find at The song was done by Leonard Cohen and you can also download it to your cell phone. More details at

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Thank you sooo much! i've been looking for this for weeks!
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It's called Another Hallelujah. Lincoln Brewster is one of the artists who has recorded it. If you look it up in iTunes or spotify you'll find a few versions of it. Beautiful lyrics for a beautiful song.

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I love you Lord with all my heart
You've given me a brand new start
And I just want to sing this song to You
It goes like this the fourth the fifth
The minor fall the major lift
My heart and soul are praising Hallelujah

Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah Hallelujah

I know that You're God above
You're filling me with grace and love
And I just want to say thank you to You
You pulled me from the miry clay
You've given me a brand new day
Now all that I can say is Hallelujah

(Here's a verse that the Lord gave me)

Now all my days Your Word proclaim
To live is Christ, to die is gain
And I just want to give all praise to You
I give you all my heart, my soul
This life I live in Your control
To testify of this glorious Hallelujah

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Awesome work.well done dear sis.praise the Lord but isn't that really matter because of the music itself meant for Satan.God bless u.oh I love your lyrics thx
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