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I'm almost positive there is something on my sisters mind, how do I get her to talk to me?

I'm not quite sure what it is, but I know there is something wrong, but I'm afraid, she will get all mad and defensive if I ask her about what I think it is, how should I approach this? should I wait for her to come to me, or should I make the first move?

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Maybe, when she's in her room, ask to borrow a brush or something, then sit on her bed and ask her if anything is on her mind. If she shuts you out, walk away and try again later. You should probably say something about how she can talk to you and trust you. Good luck and it's very, VERY nice of you to care about your sister like that!

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let her aproach you
tell her you are always here to talk and that you will listen and try to help her the best you can but dont push her

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Unicorn, I have a sister that will hardly ever open up to anyone no matter what, so I know how you feel. It is VERY sweet of you to care so much, though, about what she's upset about. I would wait until you-all are alone (and you may have to make that happen) and it'd probably be even better if your parents weren't at home because if she needs to cry, them being there might hold her back.) Then I'd just tell her how much I love her and care about her. Then tell her you feel like something's really bothering her and ask her if she'd like to talk about it because you'll always be there for her and she can trust you with anything, even her life. If she says no, just ask her if she's sure. If she says no again, just say, "Okay, but if you change your mind, please know I'm just a, "I need you", away. (More under "Comment"

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Then that's about all you can do, honey. If you're a praying person, then just put it in God's hands and pray that He'll help her deal with whatever it is and if it's His will that she will open up and talk with you. If you're not, just try not to worry and realize that it is her life and she's going to have to deal with whatever's wrong and that, no matter what it is, no amount of you worrying it is going to change it. Please take care.
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