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In gasoline, what is the solute and solvent?

Hi, I need help in my chemistry homework and I need to find what the solute and solvent are in gasoline, not if gasoline is a solute or solvent. I have looked everywhere; in books, on the internet.. please help!!

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The gasoline itself is the solvent, ie the liquid phase. eg C10H22 and the like.
There are only traces of solute remaining from the distillation process eg traces of sulphur compounds.
Traces of other solutes come in the form of "additives" that are claimed to improve engine efficiency.

Water is a good solvent for ionic compounds like salt, but no use for things like grease, oil paint, metals, and non-polar molecules like Nitrogen
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This really helped me. Thank you so much! Got a 'good!" on it. :D
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Water is the universal solvent, but that's all I know. Sorry!

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no water is not a universal solvent, if it is a universal solvent why the fishes , corals and etc. did not dissolve, and water can not dissolve metals and others
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