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I want to take a profile off my computer (about 220 GB or less) but restore it later. What are my options?

My brother needs a laptop for school, and the one he thought he was getting fell through. I'm not in school right now, and love my hard-working brother. I want to surprise him with loaning him mine. My computer's pretty full, though...

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buy a 2TB (2000GB) hard drive for ~80 bucks,

Then if you're on windows go to the control panel and go to Backup and Restore (under security and systems on the catagory view), click set up backup and create a backup on the new hard drive. When it asks you what to save click let me decide and check the boxes on everything. When you're done setting it up you want to tell it to make a backup right away (can't remember how you do that but it should be a button or something right there). You'll then have a backup of ALL of windows including installed games and everything.

If you're using Mac I believe theres a similar backup system. Time capsule or something? I'm not sure. You'd have to poke around.

If you're using linux it's way easier. You can just dd (if you are using linux you should know what this means) all of the hard drives in the computer to img files on the new hard drive. And then when you need to restore it you can just dd the files back. You would have the input file of dd as /dev/sdx (the whole harddrive) and the output file as ./sdx.img on the 2TB drive.

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Awesome! I am on windows (guess I should've said that) and this is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks so much!
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how can i gain alot of energy

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To ask a question, enter it into the box at the top of the screen that asks, "What's your question?" Then, hit submit. This area is where YOU can answer MY question.

I can give you an answer, but to get more advice, you'll need to submit your question.

The best way to get energy is to get your body moving! Try excersising; running, lifting weights, yoga, stuff like that. If you mean you need energy this moment, try eating something your body can work with. Lastly (and this is a last resort) try something with caffiene, or (yuck) an energy drink. I stay away from them myself, but if you need something in a pinch that will do it if you're willing.
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One option you have is using an external hard disk to save the data you have in your computer. Once you get the computer back, you can easily restore all the data.

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